Webster the Spider

Webster is a little spider who, after initial attempts at concealment, is forced to reveal his amicable feelings toward flies. When he finds himself banished from Spider Society, Webster must evaluate his relationships with both groups of bugs in order to choose with which group he will associate. Explored topics include true friendship, tolerance, and resisting peer pressure. As a bonus, the spiders learn a thing or two about the negative effects of group hatred.
©2004 Staci Schwartz, MD

Please Clean Up Your Sty, Little Piggy Pizz-Zye!

The hilarious account of a very unusual day in the life of a small pig (Pizz-Zye) whose mother is fed up with his sloppiness and lack of regard for his possessions. When Mommy Piggy goes on strike for 24 hours, Pizz-Zye learns what his sty would look like...and smell like... if his mother didn't do all that she does to keep his sty in order.
©1999 Staci Schwartz, MD


A very short picture book which begins with a small child asking a question to her parent. The parent gives an absent-minded, distracted, long-winded answer to an entirely different question. A surprise ending reveals the actual question the child wanted addressed, and both parent and child get a good laugh over the whole misunderstanding.
©2001 Staci Schwartz, MD

How Do You Wash Ticklish Feet?

Penelope Rose is a little girl who is born with feet that are so sensitive, they cannot be touched by anyone or anything! As she grows... so does the smell of her feet (which have never been washed). Her parents finally decide that her problem has to be "aired", and comical antics ensue as they devise many wacky strategies to deal with her stinky feet. After all of their attempts fail, and even the experts have no other solutions to offer, Penelope Rose comes up with the solution to her problem all by herself!
©2007 Staci Schwartz, MD

I Miss My Little Pipsqueak!

This is a story about a Dad who must leave his young child to go on a business trip. Children often find these temporary separations difficult. Guess what? This story shows how difficult it can be for the parent as well. So many things this Dad encounters on his trip remind him of his child! There are fill-in areas for favorite foods, colors, TV shows as well as suggestions of other family members from whom the child can seek comfort during his/her parent's absence. Best of all, there is a surprise in the book that is sure to make both Dad and child feel better while they are apart!
©2005 Staci Schwartz, MD