Please allow me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a happily married physician and author, and my husband and I are the proud parents of an amazing daughter. I grew up in a large neighborhood in a suburb of Philadelphia (it had lots of kids and great hills for sledding on snow days!). After high school, college and medical school followed in a blur of non-stop studying and tests. (If you ever have trouble remembering something for a test, try making up a rhyme about it -- not only is it fun, but it really works!) So, I was pretty busy during that time, but guess what? I always made time for writing and drawing! The margins of my class notes were filled with doodles of animal cartoons, and I was constantly thinking of ideas for stories I would hope to have the time to write some day. After residency training and a few years in practice, I decided to pursue a different path than I ever thought I would -- the path of a full-time writer! The story ideas that I had stored in my brain, in notebooks, on various scraps of paper, and that I had scribbled on the inside covers of medical journals over the years could finally be put to use! I poured the water of my imagination on these seeds and watched them grow into seven manuscripts that I have written over the last six years. The New Bear on the Block is the first story that I have ever had published, and it has been a dream come true! Click on the picture of the book if you would like to see what this story is about. You can also see some of the characters from that book throughout this Web site.