Billy the Baaadly Behaving Bully Goat is a story about a young goat named Billy who constantly picks on the other "kids" in his class. From stealing their lunch money to pulling their hair on the playground, Billy is making life miserable for his primary grade peers. When his parents realize that all of their own methods to stop their son's unacceptable behavior have failed, they seek help from The Wise Old Goat, a certified Goat Therapist. With a little bit of magic dust, some common sense, and family support, a brilliant plan is initiated to cure Billy of his bullying ways.

By describing the circumstances and feelings associated with bullying, Billy the Baaadly Behaving Bully Goat provides children with the opportunity to identify bullying behavior, share their personal experiences with bullying (either as an intimidator, a victim, or a witness), and discuss strategies with parents or teachers for dealing with peer-related verbal or physical aggression.

This book was written for children in Kindergarten through third grade. It has also successfully been used by older children and adults to facilitate discussions about bullying at home, in the classroom, or in the workplace.

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